92-year old skiing grandmother

Zulma Blanco hits Argentina's Patagonian slopes at her old age

Ninety-two-year-old Zulma Blanco has been skiing the Patagonian slopes of Cathedral Mountain in Argentina since her early 20s and has no plans to stop.

The grandmother-of-five still glides easily around other skiers stopped on the side of the hill to enjoy an unparalleled sight above the giant Nuhual Huapi Lake that she's been savouring for more than 70 years.

She explained, “I don't come to the mountain so much to ski as to enjoy the panoramic view, because it's beautiful. Everywhere you go up there on the mountain is beautiful, above all when you're looking at the water or the mountain. That's what I like best."
Mrs Blanco is often accompanied by her children and grandchildren on the slopes, and is warned by them to slow down.

She made a quick spill during the "Run of History" competition earlier this month, but was soon back up on her skis - to wild cheers from the crowd.

But her winter fame just amuses her. "It seems you get credit just for being old," she said.

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