Bizarre: 2-year-old's heart stops for 39 mins...

Also: Jobseeker turned down 200 times

A toddler's heart stopped fro 39 minutes sending his parents into delirium as doctors battled to save his life. They even told his mom to expect the worse.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, two-year-old Zach Hilary collapsed and his mom dialled emergency service, who helped her perform life-saving mouth-to-mouth. The child was then soo moved to Leeds general Infirmary and put into an induced coma as doctor fought to reduce the swelling in his brain.

Nine days later he was off ventilator. But he had brain damage. He could not reconise anyone and could not speak.

But he quickly recovered and now Zach is just like any othert toddler his age.

The family, meanwhile, has taken a course on how to resuscitate Zach in case it happens again.

Jobseeker turned down 200 times

A man from South Yorkshire claims to have applied for more than 200 jobs and has been rejected each time because  'he has too many qualification'.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, all his potential employers have told him that his CV is "too good". He alleges that he is overqualified for menial jobs.

Mark Schwalbe, 52, has multiple A-levels, a degree; a masters degree; an HND and years of experience in care sector. He allegedly applied for jobs at McDonalds, Primark, Wilkinsons and Morrisons.

He says Warehouses and factories told him that they "do not want a genius like him". He has tried a range of jobs and even written to David Cameroon.  

Teen hammers dog 20 times, leaves it top die

A teenager battered his dog with a hammer 20 times and stabbed it in the chest leaving it to die.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, Sean Deakin, 19, was found guilty at Manchestre Court and faces jail.

The dog suffered at least eight hours before it breathed its last.

Apparently the dog had urinated in his bed, and so he chased it around, trapped it, stabbed the animal with a knife and hammered it at least 20 times before leaving home to check out on a job advert.

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