Bizarre: Man tries to dig up mom's body

Visitors to a Saudi cemetery during Eid Al Fitr were shocked to see a weeping young man throwing himself on his mother’s grave and trying to dig up her body with his nails before they rushed and stopped him.

The 20-year-old Saudi man, who lost his mother while in jail, was hysterical as he begged the crowd to let him take his mother’s body out to see her but they did not let him.

“They struggled to stop him from digging up the grave…he was hysterical and many men joined hands to overpower him and prevent him from digging the grave,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Alsaudeh said.

“It turned out later that the man was serving a jail term when his mother died recently…he did not have the chance to say good bye to her,” the paper added in a report from the northwestern town of Hail.

Man blames devil for killing 100-year-old woman

A Saudi man wielding a razor stormed into a house and murdered its only dweller—a 100-year-old woman—before calling the police. When he was asked why he did it, he said the devil told him so.

The man, in his 30s, stabbed the woman five times in various parts of her body until he was sure she was dead.

“He then called the police and reported the incident,” Okaz Arabic language daily said in a report from the southern village of Al Atna.

“During investigation, he confessed to murdering the woman and said it was a devilish act on his part…but police are still questioning his real motives.”

$14.5M for boy's brain injury from metal bat

A New Jersey teenager left brain-damaged after being struck by a line drive while he was playing in a youth baseball game will receive $14.5 million to settle his lawsuit against the bat manufacturer, Little League Baseball and a sporting goods chain.
The settlement of Steven Domalewski's lawsuit was announced in state Superior Court on Wednesday morning in Passaic County. The boy, now 18, lives in Wayne, NJ.
"The Domalewskis are still saddened by the tragic events of June 2006, but this settlement provides them with some relief and comfort that Steven will get the care he needs for the rest of his life," said the family's attorney, Ernest Fronzuto. "He still can't perform any functions of daily life on his own."
Fronzuto said the settlement precluded him from discussing its details, including whether any of the defendants admitted liability.
Domalewski was pitching when the batter rocketed a line drive off the metal bat he was swinging.
The ball slammed into Steven's chest, just above his heart, knocking him backward. He clutched his chest, then made a motion to reach for the ball on the ground to pick it up and throw to first base to get the runner out.
But he never made it that far. The ball had struck his chest at the precise millisecond between heartbeats, sending him into cardiac arrest, according to his doctors. He crumpled to the ground and stopped breathing.
His father, Joseph, a teacher who had been on the sideline with the rest of the team, said he and a third base coach from the other team both ran onto the field, where Steven was already turning blue.
Someone yelled, "Call 911!" Within 90 seconds, a man trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation who had been playing catch with his 9-year-old daughter jumped over the fence and started to work on Steven.
Paramedics, who were a quarter-mile away doing a CPR demonstration, got to Steven within minutes, placed an oxygen mask over his face and rushed him to a hospital. But the damage had been done; his brain had been without oxygen for 15 to 20 minutes.
"Pretty much, he died," Joseph Domalewski said in a 2008 interview with The Associated Press. "It was just so fast. The thud, you could hear. When it hit him, that seemed to echo."
Domalewski was playing in a Police Athletic League game, but Little League was sued because the group certifies that specific metal bats are approved for - and safe for - use in games involving children.
Rick Redman, a spokesman for Hillerich and Bradsby, manufacturers of the Louisville Slugger brand bat, confirmed a settlement had been reached, but declined further comment.
An attorney representing The Sports Authority, the national sporting goods retailer, did not immediately return calls seeking comment, and an attorney who represented Little League Baseball in the case declined to comment.
Little League Baseball also did not immediately reply to messages left at its corporate headquarters.
Little League reached an agreement with the major manufacturers in the early 1990s to limit metal bats' performance to that of the best wooden bats. Little League said in 2008 that injuries to its pitchers fell from 145 a year before the accord was reached to the current level of about 20 to 30 annually.
Little League also said on its website that it has banned most metal bats for younger children for the 2012 season, although certain ones found to meet the organization's testing standards are allowed to be used. League divisions for older players can use metal bats subject to certain weight and size limits.

Woman blames 'twin' for hotel theft

Police say a western Pennsylvania woman blamed her nonexistent twin sister for stealing items from a hotel room.
The Beaver County Times reports Wednesday that police charged 31-year-old Jennifer Brown, of Rochester, with false reports and theft.
State police say Brown took some bed clothes, an alarm clock, coffee pot, basket and a hair dryer - worth a total of $206 - from the Holiday Inn in Big Beaver on Aug. 5. Police say they found Brown in another hotel nearby and she claimed her twin sister had taken the items.
When police found no record of a sister, they say Brown claimed her sister had just returned the items, which police found in the other hotel room.
Brown doesn't have an attorney. Police say relatives confirmed she doesn't have a twin.

Man drowns, leaving behind wife and 3 kids

An Egyptian man working in Abu Dhabi took his wife and three children to Sharjah for Eid holiday and left them in a hotel to go swimming at a nearby beach. But he never returned to them as he drowned.

After waiting for her husband to return to the hotel room, the woman is now waiting for a police permission to have the body and arrange for burial.

Rescuers at the beach resort on Khaled Lake had plucked the 36-year-old man out and tried to save his life but he died on the spot on Tuesday afternoon.

“Forensic experts at Sharjah police said the man died of asphyxia because he could not swim,” the Arabic language daily Alittihad said.

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