Crazy World: Boy drowns as dad watches Olympics

BRITAIN: A two-year-old fell and drowned in a canal while the father of the child was busy watching Olympics.

The little boy was happily playing with other children from the neighbourhood while the father was watching a football match between Great Britain and Cameroon.

When the father went out of the house he noticed his bike lying on the pavement but there was no sign of his son. The neighbours joined the father is searching for the missing boy. They finally called in the police after some time.

A canal near their house was searched and the toddler was brought out of the water. He was still wearing the same shorts and t-shirt that he had been wearing earlier.

The paramedics arrived and tried to administer CPR and took him to a hospital but the child lost his life's battle the next day.

The child is suspected to have just wandered away from home and toppled into water in the Grand Union Canal, which is near to their home in Northampton.
Girl, 7, raped, murdered by family friend

INDIA: A seven-year-old was raped and thereafter strangled to death in the Indian town of Nasik.

Her body was recovered near a stadium on the edge of the national highway. She was allegedly last seen in the company of a family friend who was subsequently arrested, reports Indian channel IBN Live.

The little girl had been reported missing on July 28 after the parents found out that she had gone out with her uncle, a family friend.

The post mortem report confirmed that she had been raped and strangled to death.
Client asked to vomit out food if they wanted refund

SINGAPORE: A customer complained to a food stall vendor that he was overcharged for the food that she took. The food stall lady asked her customer to vomit the food out if she wanted her money back, reported Asia One.

The client found that he was overcharged by $2 for every dish that he had ordered for his family of 10 - 4 adults and 6 kids - in Yishun, Singapore.

The stall owner defended herself by saying that she had given them extra large portions against the extra money that she had charged. She even told the clients to be grateful for whatever extra they got.

When the argument heated up and the clients insisted on their extra money back, the food vendor asked the client to vomit the extra food that she had served and that had already been consumed.     

Baby dies as parents could not pay $4 for incubator

INDIA: A five-day old infant did not get a chance to live as her parents were too poor to be able to afford her treatment which would have cost them Rs200 or about $4.

The baby was born prematurely to a poor Indian couple and the father was asked by the medical staff to submit the meagre amount for the baby to be kept in the incubator. Once they learnt that the parents could not afford to make the payment, the staff withdrew all treatment and the condition of the baby got worse and she died in her mother's arms merely hours after she was born.

The hospital staff who were cornered blame parents for not making a written request for an incubator.
'Joker' charged with 24 counts of murder

US: Colorado prosecutors charged James Holmes on Monday with 140 counts of murder or attempted murder, including 12 of first-degree murder for each fatality in the Aurora cinema shooting. Holmes, 24, was also slapped with one count of possession of an explosive device , and one sentence enhancement count.

Twelve people were killed and 58 wounded after a gunman burst into a sold-out midnight viewing of the latest Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises" , and began shooting people at random.

Holmes faces one count of first degree murder for each victim in addition to a second charge of "murder by depraved indifference". He also faces 116 attempted murder charges. Prosecutors have said it will be several weeks before a decision is made on whether or not to seek the death penalty. Only one person has been executed in Colorado since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976.

Holmes gained access to the movie theater via a fire exit shortly after the start of the film on July 20 and threw two canisters of noxious gas into the auditorium, witnesses and police said. After firing into the air with a pump-action shotgun, he allegedly began shooting people with a military-style assault rifle. (AFP)

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