Diver unknowingly swims next 14 Great White shark

Photo: Bang

A diver swam next to a Great White shark without realising it, until the creature surfaced to feast on a pool of stingrays feet away from him.

Dale Pearson was paddling just a few feet away from the dangerous 14 feet long fish in the Sea of Cortez, in Mexico, with his friend, Eric Mack, but the pair mistook the creature for a harmless hammerhead shark and underestimated the life-threatening position they were in.

The daring duo were swimming among the shark's prey of sting rays, and it wasn't until the animal lashed out at its feast they realised the sharks breed.

Speaking to The Mirror Online about his close encounter, Dale said: "To see such a huge shark in basically my front yard was quite unnerving.

"I have done several dive projects with great whites but I had never seen anything like this.

"I wasn't worried it would attack but kept enough of a distance out of respect for its potential to strike.

"The shark was never stuck and it had control over where it was and was trying to be in shallow water.

"It would hold still for a few minutes then swim out to deeper water of two metres then circle back and hold still again.

"That's why we are pretty sure the shark was eating those stingrays."

Although the pair came away unhurt by the shark, they did get stung by the stingrays around them.