Japanese inventors launch digital robot

Japanese inventors have released a trailer launching a digital robot which brings virtual reality and real life together.

The creative masterminds have released a trailer demonstrating how the Gatebox product, which crosses between real life and virtual reality, functions.

The clip sees the robot performing automated tasks, including turning electronics on and off and controlling the robot's cleaning devices.

In the unsettling trailer, the robot wakes up its owner with a series of commands before blowing kisses at him while he gets ready for work, and later alerts him to "hurry home".

A statement, which has been translated into broken English from the Japanese site has been obtained by the Mirror Online, and reads: "The characters blend into everyday life as usual, spend the same time relaxedly - it is to enjoy such a natural moment together.

"My favourite character is always next to me, we dreamed about the world of the future where such real and virtual are mixed and we started the activity."