Man trapped for 4 days in drainage pipe

His infected broken leg may have to be amputated

After falling into a drainage pipe, a Utah man was stuck there for four days going through an agonising physical ordeal.

He suffered a broken leg as he slipped down the pipe as reported in

Daniel Samuelsen said he slipped on a steep incline last Wednesday; he then slid down the pipe and broke his leg in two places.

Samuelsen could hear the crack when he broke his leg during the fall.

The tunnel is often used by hikers to cross a roadway.

While in the tunnel, he often went in and out of consciousness. He was without food or water for four days.

Between the pain in his leg and lack of nutrients, Samuelsen knew his time was running out and contemplated suicide.

He then decided to rescue himself from that precarious condition.

He made a makeshift splint from a discarded board on Saturday morning and managed to make his way out of the tunnel.

His next mission was to flag down a passerby from the side of the road.

After several hours, he managed to get someone's attention, who transported him to a hospital.

Samuelsen is now recovering in the hospital. His broken leg is infected and doctors said it may have to be amputated.

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