Nando's ad takes bite at falling dictators

Nando's ad takes bite at falling dictators

Nando's advertisement show a lonely Robert Mugabe’s during the holidays.

That’s the premise of a new ad from South Africa–based fast-food chain Nando’s, which has scored a viral hit by depicting Zimbabwe’s president (or rather, a lookalike) all alone at a festive dinner table once crowded with his fellow dictators.

Luckily, memories of sunnier days past — making sand angels with Saddam Hussein, karaoke with Chairman Mao, hitting the swings with P.W. Botha — keep Mugabe’s spirits up.

(So does, presumably, the promise of a delicious Nando’s 6-Pack Meal, which includes 1 ½ flame-grilled chickens, two large portions of fries, a pile of bread and some Liqui-Fruit for the equivalent of about $20.50.)

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