New species of dinosaur is discovered

Photo: Bang

A new species of dinosaur has been discovered in a South African museum.

Fossil hunters unveiled the 200-million-year-old bones that had been misidentified as a peculiar specimen of Massospondylus - which was one of the first named dinosaurs - when in fact, after a detailed analysis, the new species has been named Ngwevu intloko, which is Xhosa for 'grey skull'.

Dinosaur researcher, Paul Barrett, told CNN: "My colleagues over the years have looked at it, but they'd always thought it was an unusual example of this very common dinosaur, Massospondylus, which is very well known from South Africa.

"It differed in a large number of ways in terms of the appearance of its skull, and in the shape of its skull bones, and one or two other features -- enough to suggest that it's actually a completely different kind of dinosaur."

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