Obama eats bear's bloody leftovers

The US president tries a piece of salmon jerky while meeting with local fishermen and their families in Alaska. (AFP)

US President Barack Obama chowed on half-eaten salmon stashed away by an Alaskan bear, during a recent television shoot with British adventurer Bear Grylls.

Excerpts of the show released Tuesday featured the suit-less president polishing off a raw, half-chewed fish pulled from underneath some moss near a river bank.

"I think the president looked a little surprised when I pulled out this sort of bloody carcass of a half-eaten salmon," television host Grylls is seen telling viewers.

Watch the full episode later this year as Obama explores Alaska. (AFP)

Obama is seen looking on as Grylls cuts away a chunk of the pink bloody flesh.

The president then pops a morsel in his mouth and chews away at before declaring "Mmmm. That's tasty."

"I think a piece of salmon, that'll work just fine," he tells the camera, "it would have been nice if we'd have had cracker to go with it."

Obama filmed the episode of "Running Wild With Bear Grylls" on a recent trip to Alaska.

Obama holds a silver salmon. (AFP)

Grylls, a former special air service trooper, has previously boasted that he pushes celebrities like New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and actress Kate Winslet "beyond their limits."

The White House admitted however that some of Grylls' suggestions for the presidential episode were rebuffed by the Secret Service.

Obama's appearance is just the latest in a series of White House efforts to reach new audiences with an environmental message.

During the trip to Alaska, Obama also highlighted the impact of climate change, which has caused rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers, and melting permafrost.

The full episode is expected to air later this year.

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