Onion bhaji breaks world record

Photo: Bang

The world's largest onion bhaji has been cooked in East London.

The giant snack - which weighs 387 pounds and smashed the previous benchmark by a whopping 162 pounds - was made by Chef Oli Khan with the assistance of his team.

The bhaji took eight hours and 500 litres of oil to make.

It was cooked at an event, in partnership with Just Eat, held at the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre.

Oli said: "This wouldn't have been possible without my team, who are all present with me today to share in this amazing victory.

"This isn't just a win for us, it's a win for our nation Great Britain, which we are proud to represent!"

It wasn't the only record to be broken at the event, as the largest samosa in the world was also created.

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