Restaurant chain unveils robotic waitresses

The British restaurant chain, Tea Terrace, has launched a highly-intelligent cyber server named Theresa, which is in ode of Britain's former Prime Minister Theresa May, to help "juggle" daily tasks using it's internal "core technologies", after the models proved popular in Japan when they were released a few years ago.

In a statement, the managing director of The Tea Terrace, Ehab Shouly joked: "We've christened the robot Theresa in a nod to the media's nickname for former Prime Minister Theresa May. But our robot is far more intelligent than the vast majority of our British politicians, and she would easily juggle her job as a waitress at our restaurant and running the country.

"Theresa represents the 6th Generation of robotic waitresses which were first launched in Japan a few years ago. The robot comes with autonomous navigation; automatic obstacle avoidance, voice conversation, and automatic dish delivery. It integrates core technologies in automatic control, multi-sensor perceptual collision avoidance and route planning."

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