Teen dies after 40 hours of gaming marathon

In a weird case, an 18-year old Taiwanese boy died after playing online games for 40 hours continuously.

The gaming maniac entered an internet café in south Taiwan and booked a private room where he played Diablo III for two days non-stop, reports AAP.

A café employee entered the room after he realized that the boy had not eaten anything in two days. When the man tried to wake up the teenager who seemed to have fallen asleep, the boy collapsed to the employee's astonishment.

The game’s developer expressed condolences towards the family and refused to comment further.

However, this is not the first time when continuous gaming has killed someone. 

In February, a Taiwanese man died of a heart attack after a 23 hours gaming marathon. A 30-year-old man from China died after playing for 3 consecutive days, in 2007.

A  28-year-old South Korean died after pounding his enemy in the virtual world for 50 hours while a 24-year-old man played 86 hours at a stretch.

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