Underwater hotel keeps 150,000 guests waiting for 13 years

All Pictures: Courtesy YouTube

An underwater resort, located 40feet under the sea by a lagoon off Fiji, which is yet to be completed reportedly has a guest-list of 150,000.

The resort comprise 25 suites, a restaurant, gym and a wedding chapel, reported Metro.

An estimated 150,000 potential guests have reportedly registered to stay at the Poseidon underwater resort...when it  finally opens.

Each of the habitable pods can be detached and taken to the surface for repairs.

"Each room is isolated from the central hall and other rooms with a double pressure-proof door system and independent life support systems," the hotel spokesperson was quoted in report.

The construction began in 2001 and was scheduled to open in 2008. It is the brain child of L Bruce Jones, Chairman,  Triton/US Submarines company.