Woman falls ill after fight with her chicken

A Jordanian woman suffered from a light heart failure after quarrelling with her chicken because they refused to eat new fodder she had bought them.

The woman, in her 40s, kept moving the fodder in front of the chicken but they kept running away in the back garden. She then locked them up in the coop and threw the fodder towards them.

“They still did not eat…she then got mad and went into the coop to force them to eat by grabbing their heads and forcing the fodder into their mouths,” the Jordanian Arabic language daily Alsousana said.

“The chicken kept spitting out the food…the woman then rushed into her house fuming with anger…she then had breathing difficulty and rushed to the doctor, who told her she had a light myocardial infarction.”

The paper, which did not mention where in Jordan the woman lives, quoted neighbours as saying she is in a bad mood most of the time apparently because she lives on her own.

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