University to investigate live sex demonstration

Picture used for illustrative purposes only. (GETTY IMAGES)

The president of an American university said on Thursday he was launching an investigation into an on-campus presentation of a live sex act performed for students at an after class event.

President Morton Schapiro of Northwestern University, which is of Chicago in Evanston, said he was "troubled and disappointed" after hearing about the use of a sex toy on a naked woman by her fiance.

The demonstration took place on February 21 at the conclusion of psychology professor John Michael Bailey's class on human sexuality.

According to guest lecturer Ken Melvoin-Berg, after the students were told a couple would take part in a demonstration involving a sex toy, the students were warned about a half dozen times that "what was about to happen would be graphic".

With that, Jim Marcus and his fiancee, Faith Kroll, climbed on the stage in front of about 100 students and demonstrated the use of the motorised device with a phallic object attached to it, as students heard about issues such as safety and consent, Melvin-Berg said.

The university will reportedly pay several hundred dollars to Melvoin-Berg, the co-owner of Weird Chicago Tours, for the lecture.

He said neither Kroll nor Marcus - exhibitionists who are happy to have people watch them have sex - would be paid.

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