Video: Rat crawls onto man's face

The latest viral video is sure to give some people particularly straphangers the creepy-crawlies.

A YouTube video posted by "eckzavier" shows a large, chubby sewer rat crawling around people's feet and then up the leg of a man sleeping on board a train.

According to the New York Post, the video was shot on the No. 4 train in Brooklyn.

Sewer rats can squeeze into tiny holes and jump several feet.

Although it isn't clear if the event was staged or not, the MTA issued a statement about rats, which often can be seen running around platforms and on tracks.

"MTA New York City Transit routinely cleans station platforms and track areas of debris that may attract rodents," the agency's statement said. "We use rodent resistant trash receptacles and routinely power wash platforms. Additionally, we use both pest control contractors and in-house exterminating forces to bait track areas and non-public station areas. Periodic public service campaigns are also employed asking customers not to eat in subways or on buses but if they do, to place their garbage in the proper receptacles."


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