Woman fined for walking dog while driving car

Picture used for illustrative purposes only. (FILE)

AN elderly disabled woman in Wisconsin was ticketed for allowing her dog to walk free without a leash while she drove behind in a car.

Police said the 70-year-old woman's neighbours had called in about the unleashed dog wreaking havoc in Madison, Wisconsin.

"At the time of the complaints, the officer tried, without success, to contact the pet owner," police spokesman Joel DeSpain told the paper. "Now, after seeing the little white dog strolling down East Mifflin with a car following close behind, it rang a bell and he had the chance to talk to her."

As the officer approached the vehicle, the dog fell back and jumped into the front seat on his owner's lap, the report said.

The woman was slapped with a $114 fine for "permitting a dog to run at large" and given a stern warning not to repeat the mistake again.

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