Women gossip 5 hours a day on average

Shopping, food, sex are the most popular topics in the average 5 hours chatting session

Every argument that women gossip a lot has now been laid to rest. At least that is what a new study reported on by news.com.au claims - women gossip for 5 hours a day.

The study by a wine company finds out how much time women spend talking and what they talk about.

In this average 5 hours chatting session, and the most popular topics for them include shopping, food, sex. They also gossip about other people and other people’s children, problems and relationships. Cosmetic surgery, TV soaps and mothers-in-law also appeared in the list of top 20 subjects.

Commissioned by wine company First Cape, the survey polled UK women and found 24 minutes a day is spent discussing weight, dress size and diet.

Among the respondents 1/3 devote large portion of their time discussing lunch and a quarter talk share recipes.

Thirty-six per cent of women told the survey that they could not be trusted to keep a friend’s secret. They end up regularly spilling the beans to their partner about their friends.

A spot poll of news.com.au female contingent roundly described the results as “crap”, before calling up friends to find out what they voted for.

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