Al Fajer offers post-delivery aftermarket sales

Al Fajer Properties (AFP), one of the leading commercial real estate developers with a successful track record of handing over five of its nine Jumeirah Business Centre (JBC) towers, said it has become the first in Dubai to launch a post-delivery aftermarket sales and service to its investors for their finished properties.

In a statement, Al Fajer said that it is a first-of-its kind post-delivery value-addition which the firm has launched as part of its end-to-end strategic customer care focus. The aftermarket services for investors in the JBC towers at the Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) will encompass a wide gamut of services ranging from property management to sales and leasing to marketing.

Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Al Maktoum, President of Al Fajer Properties, said:” The true measure of a developer begins after the initial sales in terms of delivering a property. Despite adverse market conditions, AFP has been able to deliver 200 floors in 18 months fulfilling all contractual obligations to its clients. We are very proud of that achievement and the aftermarket sales and service will further add credence to our commitment to our investors in JBC even after the properties have been handed over.”

Under the initiative, Al Fajer will proactively help JBC investors find tenants and lessees at the right value relevant to the current market. The AFP aftermarket service mandate will also include management of the property on behalf of investors and provision of fit-out services in JBC units owned by investors.

“We have positioned ourselves as a developer with a difference. After delivering five forty story skyscrapers to our clients in 2009, AFP continues to lead in aftermarket services. This we believe is taking our customer service to a new level that extends our commitment to our investors beyond the sales platform,” said Sheikh Maktoum.

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