Abu Dhabi applies unified tenancy contracts

Streamlining tenancy regulations emirate-wide (File)

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and the Municipality of Al Ain City have launched "Tawtheeq" project for the registration of leasable properties and tenancy contracts to participate in the regulation of the real estate sector in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Cities.

The two municipalities called upon property management companies to expedite the registration of their leasable properties and tenancy contracts in order to facilitate and provide improved services to their customers.

They said that in the near future, registered tenancy contracts will be a mandatory requirement that has to be satisfied prior processing transactions with respective strategic partners, including concerned government departments, authorities, and entities, which will not process any transaction requiring the submission of a tenancy contract unless duly registered in Tawtheeq system and coordination is currently being made towards this end.

The two civic bodies stated that the decision of the Executive Council No 4/2011, stressed on the development and maintenance of a register at the municipality titled "Lease Contracts Register," to be applied to all tenancy contracts, whether concluded with immediate effect as of this date or those already valid and concluded before the launch of the system.

Tawtheeq system aims to regulate the relationships and safeguard rights of the parties involved in the leasing process in accordance with a clearly defined mechanism, compile a unified database for all residential, commercial and industrial units and provide accurate statistics about various types of properties; which sets a uniform platform for streamlining the property and tenancy contracts registration of written or electronic form in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain cities.

Khalifa Mohammed Al Mazroui, General Manager of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said, "Tawtheeq system would constitute a key reference for regulating the relationship between the parties involved in the leasing process, and protecting their rights in full consistency with the municipality's mission towards the community and its keenness on delivering distinguished and outstanding services as per global practices".

Dr Mattar Saif Al Nuaimi, General Manager of the Municipality of Al Ain City, said: "This cooperation, which is an initiative from the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City to launch Tawtheeq project for tenancy contract registration, is in line with the Abu Dhabi Emirate's strategy and the 2030 vision that enables the registration of leasable properties using cutting edge technologies and best techniques.

"The electronic system features high-tech and specifications and provides users with the tools necessary for completing all their rental transactions in a clear, transparent and accurate manner. Customer service, simplifying of processes, and confidentiality and flow of information are among the top priorities of this project, which will be build close relationships between all stakeholders under government supervision ensuring all rights of customers in this regard.

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