3 gone, 8 to go: UAE private sector holidays in 2015

We are halfway through the year, and enjoyed but three public holidays so far. The exciting part, though, is that most of the holidays will come in the second half.

Private sector will have eight paid public holidays during the second half of this year.

These are two holidays of Eid Al Fitr (July 17-18), three days for Eid Al Adha (Sep. 22-24), one each for Hijri New Year (Oct. 15), UAE National Day (Dec. 2) and the Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), expected to fall on December 24.

Out of those eight paid holidays, private sector employees may lose two of them because they could fall over the weekend.

Based on Sharjah Planetarium forecast, Ramadan could end on Thursday, July 16, and the first day of Shawwal may be Friday, July 17.

Hence, both the public and the private sector employees may lose two holidays.

However, none of the other Islamic or non-Islamic holidays seem to be falling over the weekend.

Islamic holidays will depend on the crescent sighting.

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