Ramadan traditions in Cairo

Ramadan is a magical month that is accompanied with many mysterious customs that often have no intrinsic link to religion. Courtesy of the Egypt Tourism Authority, here’s a glimpse into what Ramadan is like in Cairo and what makes it special:

The holy month does not begin until the date is confirmed once the moon is sighted. Once it begins, it is closely followed by the Taraweeh prayer calls in all mosques and the first Sohour, which is an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting, begins.

During Ramadan in Egypt, TV gets incredibly hysterical with more than 30 television series and you can even find TV channels specially launched for Ramadan TV series.

Ramadan is one of the highest food shopping seasons in Egypt with many families going out to do their “Ramadan-Shopping.” It is important to note that Egyptians tend to avoid seafood during Ramadan and Zakat, which is another aspect of Ramadan in Egypt is very much respected and practiced, and there’s a well-known custom called “Ma’edat Al-Rahman” There’s no English translation for the words, but they are close to “The Merciful’s Table” where someone gets a tent with tables and chairs and starts distributing food and drinks for those who can’t afford their Iftar.

So if you’re visiting Cairo this Ramadan, make sure to observe these beautiful traditions and try to immerse yourself in these experiences to enjoy it the real Egyptian style!