Top 5 Ramadan apps trending in UAE

The number of Ramadan related apps has been growing. From just a few dozen relevant apps a few years ago, we now have several hundred across all platforms, including many on Windows store.

There are apps for almost every single aspect related to the holy month of Ramadan, be it waking up in the morning to prayers and reminders to, calendars, Tasbeeh, Ramadan related duas, etc.

Emirates 24|7 looks at some of the apps that are currently trending on the app stores.

Muslim Pro

This is one of the most downloaded apps among Muslims with 10 million users in 215 countries.

The app features details of fasting times during Ramadan, prayer time calculator based on your current location, Azan and Adhan notifications in both visual and audio formats. It also consists of the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations and audio recitations as well as a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map of halal restaurants and Mosques, etc.


Another free app with details of prayer times, Prayer alarm notifications, Iftar & Imsak times, Qibla direction, Unified Hijri & Gregorian calendar, Rosary (Masbaha), Doaa and Praises section. The app automatically calculates prayer times based on your geographical location using GPS positioning. It supports both Arabic and English and has in app purchases for athan sounds, a new rosary and remove banner ads.

Athan Pro Prayer time

A popular iPhone app, it gives the users details of prayer times, Quran, Tasbeeh, Islamic Calendar, Compass to locate the Qiblah etc. and provides free access to other apps like Hisn Al Muslim and Quran and includes Tasbeeh with phonetic support, French and English. The app is currently trending in the UAE.

Ramadan Diet

This is another iPhone App for Muslims during Ramadan and helps users to follow a diet plan while fasting.

According to the developers the app helps users to either lose weight or maintain it while you fast.

“Our notification centre won't allow you to forget a meal or an exercise time,” it notes.

30 Days of Ramadan

The app is actually a documentary being made about a non-Muslim as he attempts to accomplish the Ramadan, and live as a Muslim for 30 days.

The documentary is starred by John Hay who accepts the challenge by Asim Iqbal who is directing the shoot.

Apart from the app, they have also started a Facebook page:

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