Chelsea’s Cavani counter for Napoli Meirles attack

Chelsea and Napoli are involved in a battle again.

This time it is off the pitch, but could have serious implications for what happens on it.

According to a report in (The Mirror) Napoli are targeting Chelsea midfielder Raul Meireles.

Napoli performed admirably in last season’s Champions League outdoing expectations before losing to Chelsea.

However, the Italian club are keen to build on their recent successes and go back to the glory days of Maradona.

Part of that plan seems to now include the £8million Portuguese midfielder.

Meireles has been on form at Euro 2012 as Portugal have progressed to the semi-finals, where they play holders Spain tomorrow night.

While Chelsea and Roberto Di Matteo’s reorganization of Chelsea to keep their own revival going may allow for Meireles to go it might make sense for Chelsea to launch a counter-attack of their – Edinson Cavani.

A clear replacement for Didier Drogba has not yet emerged and Napoli’s Cavani proved himself more than capable last season.

Manchester City are also interested, but a Meireles for Cavani swap just might be Chelsea’s thing at the moment.

Meireles, however, is delaying any decision.

The 29-year-old said: “I am focused on the Euros and cannot think about my future now.”


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