World T20: Pakistan fans gracious; say better team won

Fans of Pakistan's cricket team (L) and India's (R) cheer in the stands before Pakistan's Cricket World Cup match against India in Adelaide, February 15, 2015. (REUTERS)

When India plays Pakistan, a typical cricket match immediately garners epic proportions with fans from neighbouring countries giving it their all. Saturday night wasn’t any different.

Cricketing fans, across the world, thronged TV screens to support their countries.

India beat Pakistan at Eden Gardens on Saturday. A 61-run partnership between Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh ensured the all-win record in the World Cup was unbroken.

UAE fans from both sides share their reactions with Emirates24|7.

“It was as expected! Pakistan has never beaten India in a World Cup. I would have been surprised if we didn’t win,” said Vikram, an ardent Indian fan in Dubai. “I feel the Pakistani team is not in top form.”

“It was never going to be easy for India coming after a loss with New Zealand. And seeing the pitch turn so much, I knew it was going to be more difficult for Indian batsman. More so, because our opening batsmen were not performing to their potential. The burden was more on Kohli, and all our hopes were pinned on him,” said Arpita Paul, another Indian supporter from Dubai.

“When Shoaib Malik started firing, Indian fans panicked knowing that if Pakistan puts up a bigger total then India will not be able to chase. But, obviously Kohli has been under such a tremendous form, and fulfilled our dreams,” added Tenzin.

The Pakistani supporters were understandably low-key, but took it sportingly.

“Why was there so much hype for this match? Both teams are not on the same level. India has a huge, strong batting line-up. But on our side, the team isn’t strong. I feel if politics is removed from cricket, then Pakistan will rise up,” Kamran, a resident of Al Barsha.

“I’m definitely disappointed. I think the better team won. We could find excuse about the pitch, or weather or toss, but those are just excuses,” said Murad.