Yuvraj vows to be fit for T20 World Cup

Yuvraj Singh adressing the Investors Clinic press conference at Indian Property Show on Thursday. (SUPPLIED)

India's star all-rounder Yuvraj Singh vowed to regain full fitness in a bid to return to international cricket after recovering from a rare cancer which threatened to derail his career.

The Punjab-based cricketer admitted that fighting cancer was the toughest phase in his life but was determined to put it behind him.

Here in Dubai as brand ambassador of Investors Clinic, India’s leading Realty Services firm, which is participating in the Indian Property Show, Yuvraj was grateful to the support he received froms fans around the world.

“I am delighted to meet media and all my fans in the UAE. I am here to support Investors Clinic as their brand ambassador and am pleased to be associated with such a successful and respected brand.  I wish everyone at Investors clinic to achieve bigger milestones in future. I thank everyone who stood by me during those difficult times. But that phase is over and here I am waiting to play the game again,” said the 30-year-old who has making steady progress on the field.

Asked about his chances of playing the Twenty20 World Cup, Yuvraj said: “I have already been out of the hospital for three months and my body is taking a little bit of time to recover. I am not sure whether I am going to play at the T20 World Cup. All I said was my target is to get fit for the T20 World Cup. Before that I have to play a couple of domestic games.”

The man of the tournament in India's successful World Cup campaign last year, did not rule out a comeback.
“Before the World Cup I had a very bad year with injuries. So it was tough on my body. Battling cancer was something, which I really can’t express. It was the toughest period in my life. I can’t really give a timeframe as to when I would be back. I have to work extra hours and let’s see what I can do. I have the will. I’ve come back in the past and there is no reason why can’t I come back again," said Yuvraj who gained inspiration while reading the book of Lance Armstrong, who won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times after having survived cancer.
“I read Armstrong’s book ‘It’s not about the bike: My journey back to life’ a couple of years ago and I didn’t complete. May be this is the way I had to come back and read the book again. Lance’s book was definitely an inspiring one. His cancer was much worse than mine and the way he showed the dedication to come back and win the Tour de France seven times in a row was an amazing feat. Rather than a sporting hero he is a real life hero."
Honey Katiyal, CEO, Investors Clinic said: “Two years back in 2010 we took a strategic marketing decision to introduce Yuvraj Singh as our brand ambassador for all our projects in India. And the magic has worked; we have developed long lasting relations with our customers. The brand name ‘Yuvraj’ really helps to connect with our audience as they believe in our services and deliverables. Yuvraj Singh is passionate, exuberant, warm and has fighting spirit and these attributes strengthen and convey our brand image. We want to emulate same magic in UAE. I am really thankful to Yuvraj for taking time for us and coming to UAE to visit our booth at the Indian property Show.”