Becks to sue prostitute for $25m over sex claims

Bosnian-born call girl fails to provide evidence of sexual relations with David Beckham

David Beckham's lawyers were waiting to pounce on Irma Nici last night to serve a massive $25 million libel writ, according to The News of the World.

Two burly off-duty cops armed with the 21-page document were staking out a New York hotel where the prostitute has been holed up since her three-in-a-bed lies were published in downmarket US magazine In Touch.

The £16 million lawsuit accuses Irma of damaging Becks' reputation and causing him "mental anguish".

News of the World reporters tracked down Nici to the room in the New York hotel just hours before off-duty New York cops arrived there with the writ from the angry football superstar and his wife Victoria.

The celebrity couple are claiming the huge sum - around £16 million – plus punitive damages from the call girl and almost everyone connected with In Touch that printed her pack of lies, including writers, photographers, editors and distributors.

Nevertheless prostitute Irma, who told the mag she slept with Becks five times, has spent this week attempting to extort another £200,000 from other media organisations for her lies.

But incredibly the brazen Bosnian-born call girl failed to provide a single shred of evidence to support her ludicrous claims. We discovered even her name is fake.


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