Castrol unveils interactive campaign for Euro fans

Provides unique insight into player and team performances

Official sponsor of Euro 2012 Castrol Edge has launched an interactive campaign where fans can get a unique insight into the performance of their favourite teams and players.

Combining the latest technology and data analysis techniques, it will identify which players and teams will have the strength to deliver a winning performance in Poland and Ukraine at the upcoming tournament.

The campaign centres on three main activities: The Castrol Edge Calculator, The Castrol Edge Index and Castrol Edge Presents #RonaldoLIVE.

Central to each activity is the use of technology and social media to deliver insights to fans live and in real time.

The campaign will also be communicated via Castrol Arabia online channels,,, and

The calculator is a tool for fans that predicts which teams have the strongest chance of progressing through and winning UEFA Euro 2012, based on the live action in each match.

For the first time ever fans visiting, will be able to see how their nation’s chance of success is affected by all the on-pitch action in real time as the calculator updates live throughout every match of the tournament.

Every red card, goal scored or penalty conceded within the course of the game will be tracked and analysed and its impact instantly calculated to show its influence on the likely outcome of the game, and ultimately the tournament as a whole.

In addition, the live Castrol Edge Calculator will also show all the key match stats in one hub giving fans all the latest information and insights from the Castrol Edge Performance Analysts in an instant.

The live hub will also pull in conversation on Twitter ( via the hashtag #euro2012 enabling conversation between fans to fuel the debate.

The calculator will also show fans which nations they'll be up against if they make it through their next game, their chance of success in their upcoming fixtures and their overall chance of making the final and of being victorious on July 1.

Fans will be able to see the very latest tournament predictions from the calculator on, which will be updated after each game, to show the impact of every result and will also be accessible from smart phones and tablet devices.

The Castrol Edge Index is a unique system for rating player performance and was first developed at the UEFA European Championships in 2008.

Using highly advanced technology to measure every pass, every tackle and every move, the index objectively rates the performances of individual players during each and every match so the strongest performers can be identified.

During the tournament Castrol will release Castrol Edge Index scores to the website immediately after each match, and produce regular stage round-ups ranking the top performing players.

Fans will also be able to interact with the team of analysts through Facebook and Twitter, asking questions about the top performers and their performance data.

Last year Castrol Edge and brand ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo teamed up to create the award-winning documentary ‘Castrol Edge Presents Ronaldo Tested to the Limit’.

To celebrate the release of the documentary for free on iTunes in the lead up to UEFA Euro, a brand new challenge was created for the Portugal star, inspired by his fans on Twitter.

In the challenge - Castrol Edge Presents #RonaldoLIVE, fans enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime chance to test Ronaldo’s lightning quick reaction speed, shooting accuracy and strength under pressure as they challenged him to control and successfully strike a barrage of footballs at multiple targets.

With balls falling from chutes in the ceiling, fans who connected to the Castrol Edge Presents #RonaldoLIVE Facebook app to watch live were selected at random to take part in the action by choosing Ronaldo’s target from a choice of four goals.
During the live 15 minute broadcast more than 180 countries were represented. Fans vied to take on their hero live in the world’s first interactive football challenge.

The footage of #RonaldoLIVE on YouTube ( has attracted over 200,000 views to date.

Castrol Global Brand Director, Lindsay Reisser-Weston, says: “With the rise of social media and dual-screen viewing, the way that we will all watch and engage with UEFA Euro 2012 will be very different to any tournament that’s gone before.  At Castrol we know what it takes to create a winning performance and we’ll be using that expertise to offer timely and engaging insights to fans."

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