England’s Pirlo revealed: And he’s at Arsenal

Jack Wilshere being touted as England man of the future

Was it not Harry Redknapp who said: “It is better to be a lucky manager than a good one.”

Well England manager Roy Hodgson, who was chosen for the job over former Tottenham Hotspur manager Redknapp certainly ran out of luck in the quarterfinal against Italy.

Yet all is not lost for Hodgson.

There are many positives to be drawn from England’s game, but the one clarion call that rang out across all pundits and former England players was: ditch the old guard, start anew.

Of all the players, it is an ageing Italian stallion that experts believe the new start must begin with – Andrea Pirlo.

In fact, in comments to the British press yesterday, Hodgson singles out Pirlo as the man who made the difference in England’s loss to Italy (while panning Wayne Rooney).

“I think had (Andrea) Pirlo played poorly, it might have affected the Italians’ performance.

“I think in all top international teams, you're looking at one, two, possibly three individuals that everyone recognises as being exceptional world-class talents,” the England manager said.

So where is England’s future Pirlo?

Steven Gerrard evidently does not cut it.

Frank Lampard may not get another chance to lay claim to that role.

Harry Redknapp has the answer. And it is one that will bring a smile to Arsene Wenger and Gunner legions.

In his exclusive column for The Sun on Monday, Redknapp identified Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere as the Pirlo of England’s future.

Redknapp believes Jack Wilshere missing out cost England the most.

Wilshere, 20, missed last season with ankle and foot problems before having surgery to clear up tendinitis in his left knee.

Arsenal are still to decide whether he should travel to Asia for their pre-season tour in July or stay at home to continue his rehabilitation “He can be our Pirlo. 

He’s the type of player I’m talking about who doesn’t rely on strength or speed — he’s a genuine footballer,” Harry wrote.

Well, Wenger, you have a Pirlo, now what abour Robin Van Persie?


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