Ice-cream ace: Murray in disguise better than Ronaldo's do?

Julie Boniface posted pictures of UK tennis super-star Andy Murray in disguise. (Twitter)

Cristiano Ronaldo pushed the line. Now Andy Murray has raised the bar.

These world’s most-famous sports stars are showing that they are not afraid to 'dumb it down' -  and delight and surprise not just their fans, but a social media-driven world.

Twitter user Julie Boniface posted these pictures of UK tennis super-star Murray in disguise.

What was he doing in this get-up? The dad-to-be, expecting his first child with wife Kim Sears, was serving ice-cream.


A spokesman for Murray was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, "Andy is in Cincinnati for the tournament and was just larking about in disguise to see if people could recognise him."

Boniface  tweeted: "When @andy_murray is disguised and serves ice cream for you then takes off his wig to take a pic with you".


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