Liverpool risk all playing Arsenal copy-cat

Strange start to the season to top four hopefuls

The pundits are scratching their heads.

The bookmakers are scratching their odds.

Fernando Torres is, after all, the most lethal weapon at the start of the Barclays Premier League.

However, what will really bemuse most is the changes at Liverpool and Arsenal.

Liverpool have begun their revolution under Brendan Rodgers playing like Arsenal – a version of Barcelona lite.

And Arsenal have begun like Liverpool – under Kenny Dalglish.

Liverpool came away with a point from their home encounter with Manchester City in what was surely, the best game of the early season.

While most on the Kop would have settled for that scoreline before kick-off, given the Reds’ horrible start against West Bromwich Albion, the fact is, City were there for the taking.

In fact, Anfield is a falling ground for City and when Luis Suarez’s amazing free kick went in, the buzz around Anfield was like a raging wildfire.

Liverpool were playing a brand of football not seen by the Kop since… well… for a decade almost.

Lightening pace, first-time balls being zipped around like a pin ball machine.

City at times looked totally winded.

Joe Allen, Steven Gerrard and Raheem Sterling were on fire.

Then, in what seemed like a total déjà vu of an Arsenal style of play in recent years gone by, Liverpool threw the game away.

And not just any old mistake. Martin Skrtel, and Kelly in two simply unforgiveable mistakes.

The kind that will cost you a title.

Ask Arsenal.

So worrisome has been the fact that the Gunners have been shipping too many goals that Arsene Wenger’s team now revel in a strong defensive shape.

Forget the fact that they could not defeat Stoke, even though it was an away game.

Forget the fact that neither Olivier Giroud nor Lukas Podolski and especially not Theo Walcott and Gervinho seemed to have that killer final touch.

Forget the fact that no wins in two games is being offset by the comfort zone of draws.

Now, Arsenal have a Liverpool look about them in the fact that they have not shipped any is something to build on.

Steve Bould at work is the buzz around the Emirates as Per Mertesacker and Co are revelling in having kept the likes of John Walters and Peter Crouch out.

Go back to the near-end reign of King Kenny and you will see the same stout reasons being trotted out – defence was solid.

Neither Liverpool nor Arsenal are going to win anything with a lopsided team effort.

Arsene Wenger and Brendan Rodgers know this for sure.

The question is, what can they do about it?

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