Man Utd do ‘Tevez’ on City with Balotelli...

Can Alex tame the one player no coach has managed to?

He smokes, gets pushed by the manager around and is on the bench.

Roberto Mancini shoved Mario Balotelli down the tunnel after another bust-up between the pair.

Balotelli was on as an 85th-minute substitute in the 1-1 home draw with Arsenal and is said to have made a comment to Manchester City manager as he left the pitch.

Mancini pushed him down the tunnel but refused to explain why afterwards.

Mario Balotelli is undeniably talented.

And undeniably mad.

If Jose Mourinho could not tame the mohawked Italian, can anybody else?

Perhaps there is one man.

A man who has already tamed the likes of Eric Cantona and slapped down the egos of pretty boy geniuses like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

What better way for Manchester United to do a Tevez on City than to prise the crazy Balotelli away from the Etihad – and to Old Trafford.

If Sir Alex can tame Mad Mario, then a strike force of Van Persie, Rooney, Danny Wellbeck, Javier Hernandez and Balloteli will be one to keep the Premier League title  at Unite for a little longer, surely.

After the move of Robin Van Persie from Arsenal to Manchester United, one thing is clear in the Premier League – there is no line in the sand.

That an Arsenal captain would switch to United a few seasons ago was unthinkable.

That United would bid for one was also considered pretty far out.

It happened, now, anyone is fair game.

This is why more than one club will be tracking Manchester City’s bad boy - Mario Balotelli.

City manager Roberto Mancini has possibly the best track record in getting the best out of Balotelli, but that patience may be coming to an end. No, not for Mancini, but for Balotelli.

Mad Mario’s rollercoaster form could be another source of worry for the Etihad.

United and the other Premier League clubs would have to watch this one.

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