Man Utd: Ronaldo with RVP, Mourinho for Fergie

The real contenders for Old Trafford future

The issue of Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor rests as much with Sir Alex as it does with the management and owners at Old Trafford.

Only one real contender (or is it successor) exists at this point in time – Jose Mourinho.

Should Sir Alex win back the Premier League title and/or the Champions League crown it might be the perfect farewell stage for him.

Should he not win anything, it will not be perfect, but he still might have to go.

Which is why Jose Mourinho’s current status at Real Madrid is to be keenly watched.

Madrid are off to a dreadful start in the La Liga and as defending champions offer little as a “team”, by Mourinho’s own admission.

In fact, the Champions League looks like much more a Real prospect than the La Liga and Mourinho faces Manchester City on his road to glory.

Speaking ahead of the City clash, the Special One said, “Whether City can win it this year is a good question for Roberto, not for me.

"I think it must be the club manager who says whether they are contenders and want to win it and can win it.

"I don't know if it will be this season or next season, whether with Roberto or somebody else.

"But, in the future, normally, in the direction the club is going, sooner or later they can win the big cup.

"I don't know if it will be him."

Which most observers saw as a classic Mourinho taunt to City – if he can’t do it, I will.

Perhaps it is even a reminder to United – get me before they do.

What Mourinho really offers is the chance for Cristiano Ronaldo to come back to Old Trafford.

Ronaldo is having his own issues at the Santiago Bernabéu and it has already affected Madrid’s results.

However, Mourinho and Ronaldo are two peas in a pod – in terms of ego, ambition and well, football.

Get Mourinho and you get Ronaldo.

Whenever you are ready Sir Alex.




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