Next to leave Arsenal… Arsene Wenger

He finds them, perfects them, but cannot keep them? Is Wenger the problem?

Arsenal have pledged their future to Arsene Wenger… and not to Robin van Persie. At least not yet. 

However, it might be worth taking in to consideration the strategy of arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur. 

The management and their very successful coach Harry Redknapp had a differing vision. They let Redknapp go. 

Does Arsenal’s problem lie in sticking with the manager rather than the going with the “players”? 

Seven years is a long time without a trophy for management not to consider the Wenger must go, issue. 

The players clearly are not buying it anymore. 

Let’s look at the players that have left the Emirates in the recent past – Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Andrei Arshavin and now in all probability, Robin Van Persie. 

Theo Walcott may be next. 

Why are these players not willing to stay at Arsenal? 

Surely winning cups is as much of a factor as money offered by cash-rich clubs. 

There is also the issue of Arsenal not being able turn some very obvious talents in to successes. 

Arshavin went from hot to cold overnight, but perhaps the player that best raises the question is Denilson. 

Watch the video and you decide.

Does Arsenal need to do a Spurs and let Wenger go?


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