Red-hot Mario can be Man Utd’s Van Niestelroy

Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United are faced with a very real predicament – can simply going with a youth first policy be enough to win back the title from Manchester City?

The answer for now seems to be unlikely.

Which is why Manchester United need to look for a balance between established players and new talent.

To be able to challenge Chelsea for the Champions League Trophy and City for the league title, United are going to have to look at depth in squad for attacking options.

Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez will not be enough to challenge on three fronts for titles, counting the FA Cup as well.

City and Chelsea will boost their attacking forces and have the money to do so – fair plays rules on the horizon or not.

Which is why United need at least one more striking option. And one that offers a different style to the pass-run-pass style of Welbeck and Hernandez.

What United need is a Ruud Van Niestelroy kind of player and such a player has showcased himself at the ongoing Euros.

Germany’s Mario Gomez, now target to become top goalscorer at Euro 2012, is the just the kind of upfront big hitman that could offer United a different attacking option.

Gomez, considered a Ballotelli-type underperformer till now has suddenly shows the world what he is capable of.

His double has put the Dutch on the brink of a shock exi and the Bayern Munich striker, 26, who cost £30million when he signed from Stuttgart in 2009, has spoken about dealing with high expectations.

He told The Sun, “I thought I had finally arrived as a tournament player after scoring the winning goal against Portugal.

“But for the next three days all I got was abuse. 

“Going into the Holland game I felt as though I had a 100kg weight on my shoulders and it’s a shame I should have to feel that way.

“It would be easy to say that the best way to silence critics is to perform the way I have been but I’m not motivated by critics or care for what they have to say.”

German skipper Bastian Schweinsteiger was quoted as saying: “For Mario’s first goal against Holland I was simply too shocked to celebrate because I’d never seen him do anything like that before.

“And if he does it too often we may lose him to Brazil!”

Bayern must watch out too or they could lose him to Manchester.

Gomez, who also has Spanish citizenship, has scored 25 goals in 54 games for Germany.


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