Tears flow as India crashes out of T20 World Cup

Shock and disbelief were the emotions of the hour as India crashed out of the World Cup T20 cricket tournament, despite winning the Super 8 match against South Africa. 

Tears flowed unchecked for some of the members of Team India on the pitch, while several fans in Dubai followed suit as the ICC Cricket World Champions were unable to reach the required run rate to qualify for the semi finals. 

Subhash Modi, a Dubai-based fan, couldn't hide his disappointment,

saying: "It just feels wrong that India didn't event make it to the top four. They are the cricketing world champions. 

"And to lose like this, to South Africa at that despite winning, is shocking to say the least. Many bad decisions were taken here and the Indian team should know, they let their country down." 

Mahesh Thakur vented his anger, not just against his team, but also at Pakistani fans that were ecstatic about the Indian exit, allowing the rival team to enter the semi finals against South Africa. 

"It's terrible we lost and it's worse to see those Pakistani fans flaunt it in our faces with their parading," he said. "I hope they crash out of the semis. 

"My message to all Pakistani fans, remember who you lost to just this week." 

Meanwhile, Pakistani fans were celebrating the team's entry into the semis. 

Waheed Khan tweeted: "The better team has made it to the final four.

Let's see Pakistan lift the cup this year." 

Arafaat Munir stated: "Oh stop crying Indians; if your batting order couldn't stand straight who is to blame but your team itself." 

K Sridhar decided to take a neutral stance to say: "India won against Pakistan, while the latter team won against Australia to qualify to the semis. 

"From where I am sitting, this is a win-win situation for both teams." 


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