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Boxing reality TV show returns as Fighting Fit Dubai

Roy Gumbs takes on the role of Head Boxing Expert in Fighting Fit Dubai. (Supplied)

The award winning Dubai reality-television show White Collar DXB is back.

The show producers, Nomad Productions, announced a new look format, and a new title - Fighting Fit Dubai.  

Production for the show kicks off this summer, with the show set to be broadcast across the MENA region this October.  

Applications for potential contestants close at the end of this week - Thursday July 21.  

The eight-part reality TV series will follow a group of everyday men and women as they take on the challenge to become both champions of the boxing ring and, in turn, their own lives.

“We are excited to announce the new title for the returning series - now known as Fighting Fit Dubai,” said Phil Griffiths, Director of Fighting Fit Dubai and co-founding partner of Nomad Productions.

“The title has been changed to reflect both the new look format of the show, and the international interest that Season 1 has received.”

Season 1 - broadcast on OSN in 2015 - will now be broadcast in the UK, China and across parts of Asia and Africa; with local versions of the show also in the pipeline.

“The new title - Fighting Fit Dubai - better reflects the direction of Season 2. The show is all about contestants of all shapes and sizes, professions and nationalities, male and female, using the experience as a catalyst to change their lives,” Griffiths explained.  

"Boxing is the vehicle for them to achieve this change, but the focus is more holistic this time round; putting greater emphasis on strength, conditioning, lifestyle, nutrition, and psychology.

“This time round, we will also be monitoring and analysing the contestant’s progress in all of these elements.  It is all very well saying that someone is fitter, faster, stronger, but we want viewers to actually see the evidence; from how hard they punch, to their fitness levels, mental health and confidence levels, to the direct affect changes in their diet has on muscle mass.”

The returning series will also see a new line-up of experts and trainers, helping two teams of everyday Dubai workers take on a life-changing eight-week journey to become champions of the boxing ring.

Heading up the experts is Strength Gym owner, Chris Miller, who returns to the show as the Strength & Conditioning Expert.  

Miller will be joined by new faces, former UK and Commonwealth boxing champion and world title contender, Roy Gumbs, who takes on the role of Head Boxing Expert; as well as the new Endurance and Mental Strength Expert, holder of 10 Guinness World Records, Eva Clarke.  

Also returning to the show will be nutritional expert, Vicki Tipper, taking on the role as the official Health and Nutrition Expert.

Speaking about the returning series, Chris Miller said: “It was fantastic to be part of Season 1.  Seeing the huge changes the contestants went through really demonstrated how taking on a health and fitness challenge, such as this, can have a profound impact on people’s lives.”

“I’m very excited to be coming back for Fighting Fit Dubai, and look forward to seeing the sort of people who have signed up to take part.  We are looking for potential contestants from every corner of Dubai, and with varying levels of fitness.  All we ask of people is that they have never competed in a boxing ring and that they can demonstrate the determination to ‘Fight For Their Life,” Miller added.

Contestants from Season 1 lost huge amounts of weight, overcame numerous personal obstacles and tested their fitness and mental determination to the limits.  Season 2 is set to be bigger, tougher and more challenging.  

“Potential contestants are not only signing up for a television show, they are signing up to literally ‘Fight for their Life’” explained Griffiths. “The show will push the contestants to their absolute physical and mental limits, and give them the opportunity to make a huge difference to their lives.”

“It was incredible to see the changes in the contestants who took part in Season 1,” Griffiths added. “From an overweight ex-professional rugby player, who dropped an enormous amount of weight and regained his previous rugby form; to a make-up artist who overcame crippling anxiety, to become a Dubai health and fitness icon - it is a journey that is truly inspirational.”

Once applications close, 50 potential contestants will be picked to take part in the trials, with two teams of eight, and a team of reserve contestants then chosen to be part of the show.  

Viewers will watch as the contestants - from all walks of life, nationalities and levels of fitness - train under the watch of the Fighting Fit Dubai Experts and Trainers, in boxing skills, strength and conditioning and health and nutrition.  

After eight weeks of training, the two teams of eight will compete against each other in the boxing ring on the final Fight Night, for the chance to be crowned Fighting Fit Dubai 2016 Champions.

Potential contestants only have until Thursday to sign up.  To apply to be part of Fighting Fit Dubai, go to @FightingFitDubai on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and follow the instructions.