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Indians beat Lankans in 5 Nations Trophy T20 event in UAE

The captains of the teams with the trophies. (Supplied)

An Indian under 19 team beat their counterparts from Sri Lanka in the Ramada  cricket tournament.

More than 200 youngsters from South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UAE and Bahrain played 33 games of competitive cricket over eight days.

It was organised by Young Talents Cricket Academy – Sama Sports in association with Ajman Cricket Council and Durham Ajman.

Matches were played in Sharjah Stadium, Durham, Ajman and Ajman Cricket Council grounds.

Indians won the finals of Under 19 category beating Sri Lankans.

A UAE team consisting players of all nationalities won the Under 15 category while South African beat the strong Indian youngsters in the Under 13 final.

Team manager of South Africans, Shafeik Jacobs, said: “I have visited UAE for numbers of years and participated in many tournaments, I must say, this one is the best.”

“YTCA believes that the youth of UAE has amazing talent that must be given the right platform to excel. We want the budding cricketers to gain high standard of match experience. Ramada 5 Nations Trophy provided the best players from UAE and around the world the opportunity to represent their nation,” said Mahesh Fonseka, director and senior coach of YTCA – Sama.

Shahzad Altaf, founder and director of YTCA thanked all the sponsors.

“Special thank you to Ajman Cricket Council lead by Shaji Mulk for their continuous support and Ramada Hotel and Resort team lead by Iftikhar Himdani for their outstanding hospitality and being main sponsor of the tournament,” he said.

Brief scores of finals:

Under 13

South Africans bt Indians by 2 wickets: Indians Blue 73 (Dhurv 48no, Siddharth 7, Paul 2-3, Roan 1-9, Hyder 1-7) South Africans Blue 74 for 8 (Paul 21 no, Roan 18 no, Ayan 2-12)

Man of the Match: Paul of South Africans
Best Batsman: Roan of South Africans
Best Bowler: Roan of South Africans

Under 15

UAE - YTCA beat Sri Lankans by 16 runs: UAE 130 for 5 (Aryan 59, Faraz 28, Milind 17, Damiru 1-16, Danushka 1-18) Sri Lankans 114 all out (Danushka 27, Chanul 13, Milind 3-14, Asad 2-21 Rishabh 1-23)
Man of the match: Faraaz of UAE
Best Batsman: Aryan of UAE
Best Bowler: Milind of UAE

Under 19

Indians beat Sri Lankans by 7 wickets: Sri Lankans 107 for 7 (Ashley 35, Ranul 21, Sprash 3-12, Nihal 2-24, Mehul 1-18) Indians 111 for 3 in 17.3 overs (Lionel 39, Khilesh 35, Harry 14, Zafri 2-12, Usmath 1-24)
Man of the match: Lionel of Indians
Best Batsman: Khailesh of Indians
Best Bowler: Sparsh of Indians