Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar's 'war of words' on UAE team


So the 'war of words' between former Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and Indian Test captain Virat Kohli has spilled over to Saturday.

The friendly banter started on Friday after Sachin told Kohli on Twitter that he wanted to play tennis.

It can possibly be related to Kohli becoming the co-owner of IPTL franchise UAE Royals for which Roger Federer will play alongside other stars in the coming edition.

Tendulkar and Kohli, both are avid fans of tennis and Federer in particular, and the cricketing pair was also seen at the Wimbledon 2015 back in the month of July.

Tendulkar tweeted to Kohli: "Hey @imVkohli, I want to play!"

Replying to Tendulkar, Kohli tweeted a light-hearted response. "Not sure you have what it takes @sachin_rt paaji!" Kohli tweeted in response.

Not willing back-off Tendulkar responded: "Of course I have what it takes @ImVKohli! What’s the catch?"

As both of these players enjoy a huge following on social media, it was bound to attract a hordes of fans with their take on the banter between two of the best batsmen that the nation has produced.

The cricketers were further involved in a chat related to the WROGN, a fashion brand co-owned by the 26-year-old Kohli.

Virat posted a tweet about his time spent with Sachin Tendulkar. He wrote, "An unforgettable experience @sachin_rt Paaji. Check it out! #WrognAuditions".

To this Sachin coolly replied: "I'm playing! Are you?"

The ball is now in Kohli's court.

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