UAE job seeker pushed into bus and raped

Two Pakistani drivers allegedly raped a Filipina in a police bus after one of them convinced her of a job opportunity, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

LB, 31, came to the UAE on a visit visa after the cancellation of her accountant visa to look for a job.

“I had worked for about a year and a half as an accountant. After the cancellation of my visa, I came to the UAE on a visit visa and started looking for a job,” the victim said.

On December 20, LB accompanied some friends to a nightclub in a hotel. “A man who was sitting at the next table was looking at me. Then he expressed admiration for me and introduced himself as a Belgian who has a business in the UAE. When he learnt that I am looking for a job, he invited me to his room in another hotel, saying that he has a job for me. He also said that he had alcohol in his room. I agreed to go with him because of the job opportunity,” LB told investigators.

The two took a taxi and headed for the hotel he had mentioned to her and when they were near the hotel, they got off the car.

“While walking alongside a bus, its door opened and the man pushed me into it. He slapped me on the face and told me that he is a CID and showed a card. At this moment, I realised that there was another man in the bus who assured me that they are police officers,” LB told investigators.

The man caught the woman’s neck and asked her about the number of women staying with her and whether she had money. Then he asked her about the name of their pimp.

“I am not a prostitute. I am looking for a job. I only have Dh300,” I told him. “They asked me to please them sexually and one of them took off his dress and pulled my head down towards his private parts. Then he pushed me to the floor of the bus and had forcible sex. When he finished, the other man did the same,” she told the police.

The two men robbed her gold ring, mobile phone and Dh300 before letting her out of the bus. The victim headed immediately to Al Rifaa police station and reported the rape.

Three days after the incident, police arrested NM, 33, and AK, 26, and confiscated a police badge and a wireless of the Ministry of Interior in addition to the victim’s mobile phone.

The forensic lab reported AK’s sperms in the bus and on the victim’s body. NM admitted that he had agreed with AK to pull a woman into the bus for sex.

So NM went to a nightclub looking for a prey while AK waited in Jaddaf area. The two claimed that they used to offer transport to some police-affiliated students and the things found in the bus were lost by the students.

However, when they appeared before the court, the two denied raping or robbing the woman and impersonating CID officers. They told the jury that they had consensual sex against money.

When asked about the victim’s mobile which was found in the bus, the two claimed the woman had forgotten it in the bus after offering them sex. And they claimed that the badge and the wireless found in the bus had been lost by police students.

The records said the two accused are facing a similar complaint lodged by another woman with Bur Dubai police station.

The court will reconvene on June 5.

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