Boy stuck between walls when falling off building

A four-year-old boy, getting stuck between two building walls when falling off a third-floor balcony, was rescued Saturday in east China.

The boy was playing on the balcony at home in Wujiangkou Village of Pujiang County, Jinhua City in Zhejiang Province.

He fell off the balcony accidentally and was stuck in a gap of only 25 centimeters between walls of two buildings.

The boy was hanging ungrounded at a height of two floors for half an hour till local firefighters came to his rescue.

The firefighters managed to tie a rope onto the boy for fear that he would drop further. Then after locating a spot on a wall, they started to break the 60-centimeter-thick wall from inside the building.

The rescue operation took some two hours. The firefighters finally made a hole on the wall big enough to get the boy out.

The boy was soon sent to a hospital for treatment. Fortunately he only got slight injuries in his forehead and some bruises in other parts. But doctor said that a scar would appear on his forehead.

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