London property boom: £25m house for sale

Step inside the world of the super rich.

This 150-year-old house, located south-west of central London is on the market for £25 million or $39 million.

It was the headquarters of the Royal Entomological Society from 1920 to 2007 - and since then has been extensively refurbished by the Czarska Group.

James Wardle is Director of Residential Sales with Hamptons International who are selling the house.

"Yes, £25 million is a large amount of money, but actually in terms of overall value it breaks down to about £1650 a square foot, so from an investment perspective it looks quite interesting, and we are seeing a lot of international buyers who are buying both as homes for themselves but also they're looking at their property purchase in London as a long-term asset."

So what do you get for your money?

This bedroom is just one of 12, while there are 11 bathrooms in over 15,000 square foot of space.

There's even a mews house behind - where staff could live.

Add to that a billiard room, home cinema, swimming pool and your very own spa.

The building is listed as having special architectural interest - and unsually, was never divided into apartments.


Despite the £25 million asking price, there have been a fair number of prospective buyers coming to view the house already, and that includes people both from abroad and from the UK.

On average, five people are coming to view the house per week.

The top end of the city's property market is booming - unlike the rest of the UK - says Nick Austin from Hamptons International.

"We've seen a 27% rise in the number of buyers which is what is increasing, which is what has given us the huge increase of 13% in prime central property prices within 2011. And it's people sticking within that core area and the uniqueness that we have of the obsession with owning property in this country."

Nicholas Ayre is a property agent who helps his clients - many from overseas, buy in London.

"My clients would come from the CIS, they're Russian, they're Ukrainians. There are also increasingly clients coming from the Far East, they're interested in properties like this, because this really is a trophy house."

This house would surely impress even the super rich.

But surprisingly, many foreign buyers are only looking for a second, or third, home - and will spend £25 million on a house they only intend to live in for a few weeks a year.

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