Test of China's first unmanned vehicle successful

Testing for China's first automatically-driving car on Saturday was a success after the car's 85-minute automatic drive from Beijing to Tianjin.

As one of the research projects under the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the unmanned vehicle was developed by China's Military Transportation University.

The vehicle started from Beijing's Taihu toll station on the expressway linking Beijing, Tianjin and Tanggu, and arrived at Donglihu toll station in Tianjin after 85 minutes of automatic driving.

During the entire journey, the car was driven automatically everywhere except when it passed through toll stations.

The unmanned vehicle is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS), ultrasound radar, sensors, and other advanced technologies. It can achieve automatic drive after a series of procedures, including environment sensing, action processing and mission control input.

The car can recognize the road condition about 30 to 40 times each second,

and its recognition rate on expressways can reach 99.4 percent. With its emergency control devices, the car can be brought over to human control immediately in the event of an emergency.

Though the vehicle can operate without a human driver, both a technician and an observer were sitting in the car observing its performance during the test drive to Tianjin.

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