Lamborghini that changes colour [video]

German-born graffiti artist Rene Turrek has released a video of Lamborghini on his social media sites that magically turns colour, like a chameleon.

The artist used a heat-sensitive paint on the purple-coloured Lamborghini to reveal a ‘Captain America’ design, according to 'Al Bayan' daily quoting a 'Daily Mail' report.

To see the detailed paint job, warm water needs to be splashed across the car. And by using cool water, the Lamborghini returns to its original mild colour.

This is not the first such job of the artist. Turrek has previously used a similar technique to transform a BMX-X6 to reveal an Incredible Hulk design underneath.

However, in order to maintain the magical colour-changing abilities of these ‘super cars’, they need to be parked in a dark garage.

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