Girls caught on camera without 'abaya' in Saudi

Saudi drivers booed and honked their cars after seeing two girls walking in the street without wearing abaya (gown) in violation of the rules in the conservative Moslem Gulf Kingdom. Two days later, another girl was seen without abaya or head cover.

A YouTube film, published in Sada newspaper, showed the two women had jumpers and trousers on but wore no abayas as they crossed the road in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah. Many cars stopped in the middle of the street and honked as their drivers booed and waved at the two girls, a rare scene in the Kingdom.

“In less than 48 hours, another girl was seen wearing tight trousers and a T-shirt and walking near a busy street in Riyadh without giving any attention to the feelings of people…viewers criticized these women and called on authorities to find them and punish them for violating our social traditions,” Sada said.