Al Ain 'Super Cow' gives 100 litres of milk a day

The Super Cow (Supplied)

Al Ain Dairy, one of the largest dairy farms in the Middle East, has about 6,000 high yielding cows. But one cow who doesn't even have a name - just number 4307 - is unique. Farmhands affectionately call her 'The Super Cow'

According to Al Ain Dairy officials, it is the most productive cow in the company, which can give about 100 litres of milk per day, if milched three times a day.

“This cow, number 4307 is known informally as super cow. It can generate 100 litres of milk a day. The nine-year-old has already produced more than one million litres of milk so far -- 1,040,000 to be precise,” says Kingston Fernandez, marketing Manager, Al Ain Dairy.

“This super cow could be the most productive cow in the Middle East. It was born at Al Ain Dairy. We are proud of her. She is exceptional. We have about 6,000 cows in our farm,” he added.

The cow was initially producing milk like any other cow, but after a few years it started increasing the production. It is a black and white Holstein from Netherlands.

Al Ain Dairy is consolidating three farms in Suleimat, Sei Al Dei and Al Foah, with an investment of Dh150 million, said Sashi Kumar Menon, Chief Operating Officer, Al Ain Dairy. He said the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Al Ain Dairy started operations in 1984. “We started with just 200 heads of Friesian imported from Germany. It provided an alternative to the canned milk powder and canned milk. The company provided the first locally produced pasteurized milk and diary products in the UAE market. In 1985, we increased the number of milch cows to 500 and doubled the number in 1988. Now we have 6,000 cows, all located in Al Ain.”

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