Abu Dhabi residents assured over safe gas lines

Abu Dhabi’s main gas supplier has reassured residents that pipelines transporting gas to key consumers do not pose any threat to their safety on the grounds they are far enough from residential areas.

The government-controlled Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (Gasco) said it was reacting to reports circulated on social networks and mobile phones that gas lines passing near some areas in the emirate are dangerous.

“Residents should fear any thing….all our pipelines are safe and built according to international standards…all the pipelines are at least 300 metres away from residential areas,” Gasco’s CEO Mohammed Al Suwaidi said.

“Gasco has a large gas network supplying to many areas for years, including Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, the Western region and Jebel Ali…there has been no leakage or any other accident,” he told the Arabic language daily Emarat Alyoum.

Suwaidi said Gasco’s gas network is on par with those in advanced countries, adding that fears by residents, mainly Khalifa and Mohammed bin Zayed cities, are unfounded…there are fences around those pipes that pass near residential areas so no cars or any other machinery will come near them.”

Emirat Alyoum said Gasco controls nearly 2,600 km of gas pipelines supplying thousands of clients from its processing facilities on Das Island.

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