Apple’s Mini effect: iPad2 prices crash in UAE… @Dh999 and less

With iPad Mini stepping into the market, local dealers are marking down prices

With speculation over whether Apple will pull the iPad2 off their shelves with the iPad mini making an end-of-the-year entry in the UAE, local sellers are offering massive discounts to ensure their stocks are cleared.

A hugely popular e-commerce site had pitched the iPad2 (16GB) for as little as Dh999 just two days ago and within minutes of its launch, the deal was a sell-out.

Apple has, however, made no official announcement for the iPad2 pull-out, with their official website currently selling it for Dh1,599.

Many in the UAE are anticipating more such sales.

“As soon as the iPad mini touches the UAE market, there will be huge price-cuts,” confirms an avid gadget freak. “It will be a while before Apple pulls out iPad2, because iPad mini is targeted at an entirely different market.”

The online market, meanwhile, is booming with crazy deals, making this the best time to buy an iPad2.

“There are some unbelievable deals online and its gone before you know it,” says Arun Abraham, a resident. “I lost out on the Dh999 sale because I didn’t act fast.”

The prices of iPad2 had dropped considerably after iPad3 was launched. And, with iPad mini making an appearance, it’s only going to get cheaper.

“Apple is known to discontinue a model when its newer version is launched, so this time round too it’s going to be a matter of time before iPad2 is phased out,” explains a techie.

“When iPad2 was launched, the original iPad was slowly taken out from online sales and at Apple authorised stores.”

One of the theories that’s making the rounds is that Apple is keen on cashing on the holiday season for iPad mini, and they might stop production on iPad2 and use their man power for the mini.

Also, “with iPad2 out, Apple might find it easier to promote iPad mini and it will allow more space for a newer model”.

The price drop, however, has worked wonders for iPad2. “People who were unwilling to shell out for iPad2, are now keen on benefitting from the discounted rates. This will boast sales,” reasons a local retailer. “As long as they gain to profit from the sales, Apple will keep iPad2 alive.”

A leading electronic retailer in the UAE confirms that a price drop for iPad2 is anticipated.

“We have been told that iPad mini will be unveiled in our market in December, so the prices for the earlier models might drop,” he adds.

“That’s how Apple works. Even when iPad3 was launched, the pricing of iPad2 had dipped. And, if they want to pull it out, then massive discounts will be the way to go,” he tips.

According to local experts, the “price drop ensures that the earlier model still has enough life in the market”.

With no official confirmation from Apple about its take on iPad2, shoppers will stand to benefit from the massive discounts making their shopping a bit more exciting this festive season.


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