38 stitches in face due to frozen Cola

Also: Woman sets herself ablaze for failing driving test

A young boy in China had a horrible experience when he chose to have a ice-cold Cola.

He place the can in the freezer and after a few hours took it out to enjoy the cold drink when the can exploded into his face.

He ended up with 38 stitches on his face, with seven inside his mouth, reported Daily Mail.

When a can of fizzy drink is frozen, the volume inside the package expands, and the carbon dioxide gas is squeezed out as it solidifies.

Woman sets herself ablaze for failing driving test

A 30-year-old woman in Edinburgh set herself ablaze after she failed her driving test the fourth time despite taking 90 classes and spending thousands.

According to a Daily Mail report, Yamkala Sapkota had an argument with her husaband who allegedly told her "die if you want to" before he left for work that fateful morning.

In her suicide note she mentioned that she does not want to live.

Neighbours who saw smoke from hr apartment alerted fire service, who rescued her. She suffered burns to her face, back and arms.

The prosecutor said the immediate motivator for the incident was that she failed her riving test. She was upset and picked up an argument with her husband, which led to the comment.

Co-pilot unaware of plane plunge for 17 seconds

A co-pilot who sent his Japanese passenger jet into a nosedive when he mistook a rudder control for a door lock did not notice anything was wrong for 17 seconds, a government report said Friday.

The All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight, with 117 passengers and crew on board, dived 1,900 metres (about 6,300 feet) in 30 seconds from a height of about 41,000 feet.

The flight, bound for Tokyo from Okinawa, almost turned upside down during the incident on September 6 last year, the Japan Transport Safety Board said.

The plunge happened over the Pacific Ocean when the co-pilot, who worked for a now defunct subsidiary of ANA, tried to unlock the cockpit door for the captain after he had been to the toilet.

Instead of the door lock, the co-pilot touched the rudder control, sending the plane veering to the right, before it lurched back to the left.

A chronology included in the written report showed that the co-pilot only noticed something was wrong 17 seconds after the rudder was operated.

Images from the flight recorder on the Boeing 737-700 showed the plane dropped sharply and tipped more than 130 degrees to the left at one point.

However, because it was dark outside, many of those onboard did not realise the plane had almost flipped over, the report said.

Two crew members suffered minor injuries but the plane later touched down safely at Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

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